Rockingham Pregnancy Care Center


Much of the work of Rockingham Pregnancy Care Center is carried out by our valuable volunteers who give of their time to make a difference. Let’s face it, our community can’t operate without volunteers and we certainly can’t either.

We believe that most people within our community understand and care about the issues within our community. They understand and see the effects of raising children in healthy families. They care about the quality of life issues and are willing to help with their time and resources.

How Can I Help?

There are many avenues for involvement, such as hosting a baby shower for the center, helping with clothes sorting, yard work, planting flowers, cleaning, answering the phone, computer work, and providing baby clothes, diapers, and furniture. We welcome group projects and individual contributors.

The Rockingham Pregnancy Care Center depends on and is deeply indebted to the individuals and community agencies that help support our efforts. If you have a passion to help women and serve our local community, consider becoming a volunteer. Please call (336) 623-5540 to learn more.

What Can I Donate?

  • Diapers (Sizes Newborn – 5) & Wipes
  • Formula, Cereal, & Baby Food
  • Baby Shampoo, Lotions, and Diaper Cream
  • Maternity & Baby Clothing
  • Gently Used Baby Equipment (Pack-N-Play, Strollers, Swings)

Meet the Volunteers Who Love to be Here for You!

“The driving force for me is witnessing the growth of the parents and the happy and healthy babies who graduate from the center. Having a child ask to sit in your lap and read them a story is pretty cool too.” -Debbie

“I have always been a strong advocate of pro-life and have a heart for babies and pregnant moms. I soon realized my heart was happy at RPCC soon after moving to Eden. I hope to be here for a few more years until God leads me somewhere else.” -Patricia

“I wanted to serve in my community to live out, to the best of my ability, the words recorded in Micah 6:8. RPCC is a place I can do that: be part of encouraging healthy families, extending kindness, and being available to serve in any way I can.”


“As a former teen mom, I enjoy serving at RPCC as they are Pro-Life. Not just for the unborn, but for mom and dad as well. I want to show the love of Christ and kindness to those who are hurting and scared just as I was shown during my time of need.” -Melissa

“I have an overwhelming passion to help others who are in need of not only material things but who need to be shown the love of Christ through any small act of kindness I may have the ability to share. My desire is to be the hands and feet of Jesus.” -Sheila

“I volunteer because it gives me an opportunity to become involved with people who really care about our clients. While we provide support and education to our clients, the spirit of giving you feel at RPCC is the best part of our job. All of our volunteers and staff have such a desire to give and show the love of Jesus.” -Kitty

“The driving force that keeps me involved in the RPCC is the rewards I receive from being able to help the ministry that provides help to the women and children who come into the Center. I see a real need in the community and I am glad I can help in a small way.”