Do you have doubts about expressing wanting an abortion to your partner? It’s important to explore your hesitations as you navigate an unexpected pregnancy and stay open with your partner (if safe to do so). No matter what you decide to do, we at Rockingham Pregnancy Care Center are here to walk with you and offer pregnancy services and support.

Talk to Someone You Trust

If you need to talk to someone before sharing your abortion decision with your partner, we are here to listen. Our team will provide non-judgmental support and insight into your options so you can fully understand the process.

Once you’ve confirmed your pregnancy with one of our free pregnancy tests and ultrasound referrals, one of our team members will be happy to discuss abortion procedures and the risks. We truly care about you and your future.

Talking to Your Partner

Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when setting up a time to discuss your pregnancy options with your partner:

  • Choose a convenient time and space to share your heart. Schedule a time when your partner is off work and in his most relaxed state.
  • Do your best to listen and hear your partner out. Consider his questions and concerns about your options and abortion.
  • Consider his concerns about the risks of abortion. Your partner may have input and advice you haven’t thought of yet. Or maybe he wants to parent or choose adoption.

Even though the decision is ultimately yours, your partner’s future will be impacted by the decision you make. Try not to rush through it.

Your Safety Matters

Your safety is our top priority! If you have any hesitations about your safety or ever feel unsafe in a situation, contact the National Domestic Violence hotline right away.

Are You Eligible for Abortion?

Be sure of your pregnancy details to determine if you are eligible for abortion. Schedule a free and confidential medical-grade pregnancy test to begin.

If you receive a positive pregnancy test with us, we offer free ultrasound referrals to confirm important pregnancy details like how far along you are, the location of your pregnancy (if it’s within your uterus), and viability (if there’s a heartbeat & pregnancy is progressing). All of these factors determine your eligibility for abortion and if you have any potential complications.

Schedule an appointment for a free pregnancy test, options education, and more. You are not alone.