Have You Thought About Parenting?

“How could I possibly parent a child?” This is a question many women ask no matter their age, finances, or relationships. Yes, parenthood does seem overwhelming, but we’ll show you the many resources available and assist you in overcoming the specific challenges you face.

Parenting Questions To Consider

We imagine your mind is filled with parenting questions. Are you thinking about any of the following?

  • What if my partner doesn’t want the baby, but I do?
  • Can I still parent if I don’t have support from my family or partner?
  • Can I continue school or keep working while parenting?
  • How will I get medical care?
  • Where will I live?

How We Can Help You

At Rockingham Pregnancy Care Center, we believe you can parent successfully, and we’ll be with you along the way. We can help you answer the above questions and the many others you may have.

Our Free Parenting Services Include the following:

  • Doctor’s Confirmation of Pregnancy
  • Prenatal Information
  • Maternity and Baby Clothes
  • Housing Alternatives
  • Classes for Pregnancy, Childbirth, Child Development, and Parenting
  • Personal Mentoring
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Learn To Earn Program Providing Diapers, Formula, Baby Food, and Gently-Used Baby Equipment

We continue assisting you until your child is one year old, so you’ll have a solid foundation moving forward.

Community Resources

We understand you need more parenting resources than what we have to offer. We work with other local organizations to provide the assistance and financial help you need for successful parenting.

Take Advantage of Our Free Peer Counseling

Talk with us as you consider parenting or one of your other pregnancy options. Every situation is unique, but we will give you the information and help you need to make an empowered decision for your future. We are a safe place to share your concerns and fears.

Please schedule an appointment to talk with us. Let’s work together.