If you’ve had an abortion already and you don’t want another one, you have options. There are also resources and many community organizations available to help you.

Keep reading for more details, and schedule a free appointment to talk more in person in a safe environment.

1. Adoption

If you know you don’t want another abortion, but you aren’t ready to parent, adoption could be the choice for you. It’s bittersweet and comes with many emotions, but it offers flexibility and gives a couple the gift of growing their family.

When preparing for adoption, you create a plan that fits your lifestyle best. You can select an open, closed, or semi-open adoption plan. Each one has its pros and cons. You have the power to choose the best one for you.
If you are leaning toward adoption, here are some facts.

  • You can change your mind throughout the process. 
  • You have control over selecting the adoptive family. 
  • The adoptive couple will undergo background checks and home studies to ensure they provide a safe home and atmosphere.
  • The adoptive family will cover many of your pregnancy costs; the exact details depend on state laws.

2. Parenting

If you want to parent but aren’t sure how to make it possible, we’re here to help. 

We can ensure your needs are met by supporting you with our various services. We offer material resources, parenting classes, and other beneficial services throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

We can also connect you with other organizations for additional services when needed.

If you’re considering parenting, you will want to consider and care for your financial, mental, and physical well-being and your support system and think of the resources you need to make it possible. We’d love to discuss your situation and help you create a plan.

3. Family Assistance

Do you have any family members willing to help you raise your child?
There is an alternative called kinship care, where an adult relative or person with a family tie (stepfather, godmother, etc.) can raise your child temporarily or longer.

This can be a beneficial option if you would eventually like to parent but want some time to prepare or are not ready yet. Think about your family dynamic and if this would be possible for you.Weigh Your Options in a Safe Place

Collect information on all your options at Rockingham Pregnancy Care Center. 

Schedule a free and confidential appointment to talk with a neutral party and learn about adoption, parenting, and the support available to you.

Remember, it’s your choice! We’re here to be a resource.